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When the mountain seems too big...

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A poem about living with anxiety and depression

I saw this poem when I was looking through the internet and it really struck a chord with me. We are constantly pushing ourselves to do more and to achieve the things that we set out to do. But what happens if we don't get things done? Usually we feel like we have failed and we feel anxious and beat ourselves up. But who were we doing the things for? Inevitably for others and not ultimately for ourselves.

The lovely message that I think this poem gives is a message about self-care and self-love. If we need to spend the day in bed or if we need to cancel plans then we should do it. The jobs that we need to do will still be there tomorrow and we may be in a more positive frame of mind in order to get them done.

We are not failing if we do not do things, we are in fact succeeding in putting ourselves first and in moving forward. We cannot succeed without failing and I think that is important to remember and to focus on. Self-awareness is so important and we need to look at ways of helping ourselves and making sure that we get through the day or the week. Not for others, but for ourselves.

It can feel so overwhelming when we have not gotten the things done that we wanted to, but the important thing to remember is that 'a day is not a lifetime'. The things will still be there the day after. We need to focus on taking more time to look at our own minds and look after ourselves.

Be gentle with yourself and always remember that to put yourself first is not a failing, it is a massive achievement.

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