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In a world where you can be anything, always be kind...

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As news of another celebrity taking their own life hits the headlines, the ripple effect can be felt in abundance. Why has this seemingly happy, successful, beautiful woman, with her life ahead of her, decided that she cannot go on. Searching for a photo of Caroline for this post, the images are full of this smiley, laughing lady, but was this the real her...?

What do we really know? Do we know what goes on in people’s minds, or behind closed doors. Are we ever fully aware of what another person is going through? Should we be?

We, unfortunately, live in a world of media. Social media and the press. Where social media is a place to feel pressured to be seen in the best light and to get as many ‘likes’ as possible. And where everyone is free to comment whatever they like. And in the press, bad news sells! What is this teaching us as a society. What does this teach our children! It shows us that everyone is up for judgement, that everyone is open to your comments and your opinions. And it shows us that if you do ever feel like you are struggling, or that your life isn’t as ‘perfect’ as your instagram, that you need to keep it to yourself!

It is a worrying time. Only this week my sister had a news story written about her online and within minutes she was crying over awful comments that people had left on it, judging her and giving their disgusting opinions... on a person and a situation they had no awareness of. Minutes it took for people to pass judgement, without thought for that person. Why is this ok?

My main aim for this post really was awareness. I may have gone off on a little tangent over trolling and judging people! But essentially what I wanted to say was, please be aware of those around you. Yes, we are a society now that tries to keep the negatives to ourselves for fear of judgement, but if you see someone struggling or quieter than normal please check on them. Let’s make it more commonplace to talk about our struggles and to never feel judged.

Let’s check on our neighbours, friends and family. Let us always be aware of where we can turn to if we need help. Let us never feel like Caroline felt, like there was no other way out.

Mental health is no joke. It is so very serious, yet so very easily hidden. Please don’t hide how you are feeling. If you cannot talk to friends or family please find a counsellor to speak to. We are here to help and support you through this and to ensure you never feel alone. It is so so sad what Caroline had to endure, please make sure you never reach that completely desperate and devastating point xxx

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