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I just wanted to do a really quick post about podcasts. I am new to the podcast scene, but they have quickly become my new best friend. I listen to them when I am cooking, driving, running... I have found some really good ones to do with mental health and I just wanted to share a link with you. My favourites on here are Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, The Dark Place and The Hilarious World of Depression. They are all very different, but all offer support, advice, information and most importantly some laughter, whilst not taking away from the seriousness. Here is a link to some really good podcasts for you to have a look through and listen to.


It is so important to find your own ways to help with anxiety and depression and to help to focus on yourself. I have definitely found podcasts a very 'mindful' exercise and one that I hope can help other people too.

Fearne Cotton's Podcast

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